cah-homeowner-signSmall changes can make a difference

These days, news reports are filled with worrisome stories about the planet that can leave us feeling powerless. But we do have control over an important aspect of planetary health. At the end of the day, we can feel good about changes we've made to our own properties – seemingly small changes that make a big impact.

Even one native tree or tiny perennial garden of natives can make a remarkable difference. Here's how:

  • Provides an oasis for hungry birds as they migrate.
  • Serves as a stepping stone for butterflies as they attempt to travel from one nature preserve to another.
  • Re-connects populations that have become genetically isolated from each other in nature preserves encircled by suburban development.

When practices extend to a larger portion of your property, more benefits accrue:

  • Creates healthier places for children and pets to play.
  • Reduces the flow of lawn chemicals into streams, lakes and wetlands.
  • Absorbs rainwater that would have contributed to flooding.
  • Halts an invasive species from advancing into a nature preserve where it would crowd out native wildflowers and ruin wildlife habitat.
  • Builds rich soil and land that can deliver its own nutrients and disease control without chemicals.

If your neighbors join in, the synergies are powerful:

  • All of the above benefits are multiplied, resulting in healthier and more resilient communities that feature clean water, clean air, abundant natural resources and beautiful places to work, play and relax. Healthy land supports healthy lives!


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