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Why We Love Casey Farm

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Unique.  Did you know that Conserve Lake County owns the only organic farm property in Libertyville Township? By providing a supportive site for organic farming, we hope to inspire others in Lake County to do the same. Surrounded by native lands and forest preserves, and easily accessible by bike trails, Casey Farm will host the all-new Prairie Harvest Festival on September 17, 2016.  

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Organic.  Casey Farm supports sustainable local food farming. It’s home to Radical Root Organic Farm, which grows certified-organic vegetables and raises pastured animals with mobile shelters and solar energy. The farmers strive to grow nutrient-dense foods in fertile soil while paying close attention to the land’s ecological health. The result? Delicious!

Collaborative.  Casey Farm proves that land vitality grows when we all work together. In 2007, Conserve Lake County bought the farm in partnership with the Lake County Forest Preserve District and Libertyville Township. Before moving to Casey Farm, Radical Root owners Alex Needham and Alison Parker graduated from Liberty Prairie Foundation’s Farm Development Program (LPF leases the land, and subleases it to the farmers). Our community benefits too, through the reciprocity of community-supported agriculture (CSA): Radical Root’s 100-member CSA and many farm stand customers enjoy the fruits of the collaboration.

Historic Future.  Casey Farm’s roots point the way to its bright future. Since 1842, the home has enjoyed a sweeping view of farmland, woodlands, prairie and wetlands along the Des Plaines River.  Conserve Lake County volunteers are working to restore the historic barn. As the farmers improve the fertility of the farmland, their healthy honeybees help pollinate the restored prairie areas, which in turn support songbirds and butterflies. Volunteers are clearing invasive plants, and improving the landscaping. Exciting plans for the future include permaculture gardens, rainwater storage and solar energy.

Inspiring.  Find your conservation inspiration at Casey Farm, and bring the ideas home. Come to the 2016 Prairie Harvest Festival to catch the excitement and see the plans, then come back year after year to see our progress. This year we will install a rain garden. In the future, more demonstration gardens will show specific examples of more projects that you can implement on your own land. Learn how you can be part of this innovative project by donating or becoming a volunteer!

Conserve Lake County works to support healthy land for better life by engaging more people in conservation. Casey Farm demonstrates one of the many ways that Conserve Lake County links and leverages public and private efforts. We pave the way and set the example so that individuals will be inspired to take action and make a difference in Lake County. Learn more, get involved!



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