Wadley Wing Haven
Conservation Easement
100 Acres Preserved

success-wadley“We named it Wadley Wing Haven because of the birds. Cranes, bitterns. Even black terns. The conservation easement protects it while lowering our taxes. When this land passes on to its next owners, they’ll be able to build a small boardwalk but not much else. We thank the Liberty Prairie Conservancy for enabling us to do what we know was best for this land.” Searle Wadley

In 2006, Sue and Searle Wadley retained both ownership and privacy when they preserved 100 acres of oak woodland, prairie and marsh in Antioch through a conservation easement customized to their needs. They receive tax deductions because of the public benefits their land provides. Wildlife habitat, floodplain protection and a scenic view from the road are just a few of the many public benefits of preserved open space.

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