The Milne Property
Conservation Easement
15 Acres Preserved

success-milne-farm“Mom and Dad began restoring the natural areas on this property as soon as they acquired it. Dad was a farm boy at heart and never tired of contemplating water quality. Mom was an avid birder and botanist. Burning the prairie became an annual family festival, and we all took part in the war on invasive species the way some families participate in yachting or deep-sea snorkeling.” Marcia Milne

After their parents passed away, Marcia, Flora and Bonnie Milne worked with Conserve Lake County to understand their options for preserving the farm, woods and prairie of their childhood home. In 2005, they ultimately placed a conservation easement on most of the property to prevent development and to protect the stream and rare plants. Knowing Conserve Lake County would safeguard the easement into the future.

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