Casey Farm
Land Purchase
34 Acres Preserved 

success-casey-barn“Mrs. Casey’s farmhouse seemed familiar and comforting. It even smelled like my Grandma’s home. We shared some pie I had baked with apples from Al’s orchard. Two years later she called and asked if the Liberty Prairie Conservancy would be interested in buying her farm. We immediately dove in and raised the money. We worked hard to honor the family’s wishes—they had owned the land since the Civil War. And I knew for a fact there was at least one 14-inch pike cavorting in the stream at the bottom of the hill.”  Steve Barg, Executive Director, Conserve Lake County.

When a property meets certain criteria, Conserve Lake County may be interested in purchasing it, as was the case with the 145-year-old Casey Farm in 2007. Its deep history, extraordinary stream and unique location between two trails made it a high priority for protection. Plans call for the trails to be connected in 2013.

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