Electric, propane or reel mower is used


What is this?

You or your landscape service mows your lawn with an electric, propane or reel mower rather than a standard gas-powered mower.  We recognize this may not be an option for every homeowner; the type of mower used will depend on your lawn and – if you use a service – the company’s equipment.

How do I do this?

On my own

  1. Determine if an electric, propane or reel mower is right for you. Some factors to consider include the size and slope of your lawn. Pushing any mower up a steep incline may not be practical – this might be a good place for an alternative to grass.
  2. Reel mowers are best for small lawns. They can be impractical for large lawns or properties with a fair number of trees that shed twigs.
  3. Electric mowers are quiet, never run out of gas, and start at the push of a button rather than an arm-wrenching pull-cord. Also, when they feature rechargeable batteries there is no long cord to deal with.
  4. Check with your town or village to see if they offer a rebate program to replace your gas-powered mower.
  5. Consider chipping in with some neighbors to purchase and share a mower.

Hire some help

If you hire out your lawn care, it doesn’t hurt to ask about the equipment being used and to share your interest in such eco-friendly advances as propane- and electric-powered mowers. Propane mowers, in particular, are becoming more popular within the lawn care industry. Though changes might not happen overnight, companies do listen to their customers and take their input into consideration when replacing equipment and investing in new training. While talking to your lawn care company, please consider our other tips as well.


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