Honeybees or chickens


What is this?

Many people like to care for beehives or a small flock of chickens. Typically, chickens are kept for eggs, meat or pets, and honeybees are kept for honey and the pollination of crops, vegetables and flowers. Both chickens and honeybees are fascinating creatures but they require thoughtful care and proper accommodations. People should fully understand the demands required by these hobbies before committing to them.

How do I do this?

On my own

  1. Read these:
  2. Check with your municipality to determine what restrictions might apply to beekeeping and chicken rearing on your property. If you live in unincorporated Lake County, read and follow the county's local food ordinance of 2013.
  3. Property tax reductions are available to properties that qualify as farmland.
  4. For your benefit as well as the animals’ welfare, we recommend you read, take classes and connect with other beekeepers or chicken keepers before launching your new hobby. If you can, find a more experienced person to work with for a period.
  5. Explore these resources:
  6. If you’d like to have honeybees on your property but don’t want to manage them yourself, you may be pleased to know that many beekeepers are interested in finding properties where they can secure permission to place and manage hives. Large and/or rural properties tend to be more desirable for this but much depends on the site’s location and ability to support bees. Contact the Lake County Beekeepers Association for help finding a beekeeper.

 Hire Some Help

The above-listed resources might be able to connect you with additional help.

Why is this important?

For a wide variety of reasons, many people enjoy the opportunity to produce food on their own and work with farm animals. Both chicken-rearing and beekeeping develop a keener awareness of the rhythms and processes of nature, including the ebb and flow of weather, rain, insects, hawks and other wildlife. Also, it’s hard to beat straight-from-the-garden freshness, taste and quality.


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